April Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for her fabulous Currently linky!  

Listening-  I am addicted to crime shows!  Even though half the time I have to look the other way because they get scary sometimes! :)

Loving- SPRING BREAK!  I am on Spring Break this week and I plan on doing a lot of relaxing!

Thinking-  I wish the weather was how it was LAST year so I could sit outside and not freeze!  Oh well, I will not complain-I still have off for a week! :)

Needing- Laundry, Laundry-we were gone since last Thursday, so I need to catch up on laundry!  I don't mind putting the clothes in the washer in dryer, it is just the folding and putting away that gets me every time ;)

Advice-  It is simple but means so much- Never Give Up! :)

Now it is your turn!

Only a couple more days left!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Yay! Looks like I found your blog & became a new follower and the right time! :) I hope you get a lot of hits & new followers from your giveaway. I'm excited to share kinder ideas with you even if I don't win! ;)

    And yay for spring break!! Hoping the warm weather comes out for BOTH of us while we have a week off!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  2. I have to do laundry, too. UGH! It is so not my favorite thing to do. ;)

    A Day in First Grade

  3. I'm with ya on the laundry! The pile is about to take over in my house! Enjoy your vacation - laundry can wait :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  4. Laundry. Blech!
    I put your giveaway on my fb wall. ;) Here's to SCADS more followers, girl! Thanks for letting me be part of the fun!
    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  5. Awesome giveaway!!
    bl3982@yahoo dot com

  6. I'm a new follower! Love the giveaway!

  7. I'm so excited for this giveaway! I absolutely love seeing the new things you post on your blog!

  8. Seems there is always laundry to be done! A tropical vacation sounds wonderful!
    Conversations in Literacy

  9. Ooh a tropical vacation would be soooo perfect! Enjoy your spring break.

    Carolina Teacher

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to win something! Great Giveaway! :)

  11. Awesome giveaway!
    I love your polka-dotty blog design!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  12. Ahhhhh -- Spring break is fantastic isn't it? I'm with you though -- I want WARM WEATHER!!!! Fingers crossed for both of us :)

    Enjoy your week!

    First Grade Smiles

  13. With myself, my husband, and 3 kids, I have to do laundry daily! Yuck! I love Criminal Minds when I have time to watch TV (usually during the summer). haha

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  14. I absolutely loathe doing laundry! It's a necessary evil, I suppose. Congrats on the 300 followers!! :)

  15. Ugh...laundry...Take a break from it! Enjoy your spring break!

  16. Isn't spring break magical? Enjoy every second! I too am wanting/needing a tropical vacation... but if I were lucky enough to win your give away that would rock my world too!

    Crayons and Whimsy