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Learning Letters in Preschool: Letter of the Week Activities

Learning letters can be tricky but making sure you have a variety of ways to practice those letters is so important! I wanted to share a few preschool letter worksheets that we use throughout the week.  I try to focus on one letter every week or two.  It depends on our theme for that week and if we have a theme that matches the letter we might do it for a little longer (example: Ss we did two weeks.  One week of spiders and one week of skeletons).

We usually start our week with the tracing sheet.  This sheet has one object that starts with the letter and 2 lines of tracing.  The letters are big to encourage your preschooler to trace.  There are only 3 of each which keeps their focus vs a sheet with more!

The next day we will do the find and dot page.  This one can be done with Do A Dot markers, crayons/markers, or dot stickers.  Your kiddo will find the letter and dot.  At the bottom of the sheet there is a spot to trace the letter, too!
Finally, we do an uppercase and lowercase sort.  This is a great way to get extra cutting practice in.  I hope you find a  letter sheet that your preschoolers love!

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