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Thanksgiving Writing Center

It is hard to believe that it is already November!  I have some fun Thanksgiving writing center activities you can use this month!

One activity you will find in this Thanksgiving writing center pack are sentence builder worksheets.
There are a total of 5 and each one is a simple sentence that your students will trace, write, and build!

Another activity has your kiddos making lists!  They have a question and will make a list with 5 things per list.  These lists can be used to plan for writing a longer story.

There are also Thanksgiving word cards.  These cards can be used in many different ways!
Students can pick a word and write a sentence with that word in it.  They can write a whole story around that word.  There is also a tracing sheet that students can pick a word and trace the word.
Finally, there are different blank writing pages and sentence starters. 

This pack will definitely take you through the whole month of November with all the different activities, but if you are looking for more, I also have a Fall Writing Center pack!

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