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Thanksgiving Activities and Games for the Classroom

I have made a list of fun activities and games that you can play in your classroom this month!

Check out what I found:

1.  Pumpkin Play Dough
This would be fun to make as a class or make and bring in.  I would use this play dough in my centers to make words, letters, and to solve math problems!

2.  Directed Turkey Drawing
I have done this with my class and it was so fun!  I had them all sit on the carpet with clipboards and we went step by step using these instructions!  This would make a cute class display!

3.  Turkey Bowling
You could have small groups each work on a "turkey pin" or you could make them yourself.  This would be a perfect game to practice subtraction!

4.  Stuff the Turkey
This one takes a little bit of prep BUT you could always just take a paper bag and glue a picture of a turkey on it ;)  To make it more educational, have students answer questions before they get to toss their "food" into the turkey.

5.  Turkey Tag
This one is a fun one to get your kiddos up and moving.  It is also great because there is a great book to read before you start your game!

There are so many fun games and activities for this time of year! 
What are some of your favorites?

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