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Five Halloween Themed Activities for the Classroom

Halloween is only a couple weeks away!  If you throw a Halloween party in your classroom, you may be looking for some fun activities to add to your day!

I found 5 fun Halloween activities that would be perfect for the classroom.  They all are educational and FUN!
1. Fine Motor Web
Put some fall or Halloween objects on a table.  Then, make a spider web out of tape.  Your kiddos will use tweezers to pick up the objects and place them in their cup!

2.  Gross Motor Web
Make a spider web on the floor using painters tape.  Then, place plastic spiders around the web.  Your kiddos will walk on the web lines collecting the spider.  Once they get through the web you can have a prize waiting for them or they can turn around and walk back to the start.

3.  Life Size Pumpkin Memory
Your kiddos will love this big game of memory!  Create pumpkins out of paper plates with different faces (2 of each face).  This could be done with the class or on your own.  Then, flip over each plate and play it like memory by trying to find the matching faces.

4.  Find the Letter-Hole Punch
This would be a great game to do if you pull small groups that day!  Simply, write the letters A-Z around a pumpkin cut out and call out letters.  Your kiddos will hole punch the letter you call.  Make it more challenging by calling out letter sounds or "what does apple start with?".

5. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe
Create a tic tac toe board game using tape on the floor.  Then, use 2 different colored pumpkins to play tic tac toe on your floor board!

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