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Winter Writing Center

My writing center needed an upgrade, so I created this Winter Writing Center Activities pack!

There are a variety worksheets and word cards to use with a winter theme!
My kiddos really loved the Read, Trace, Write, and Build sheets!
These sheets are perfect because they can be completed independently.  I mixed the sentence up on the bottom, to promote a little reading.  I did have one kiddo put it in the same order they cut it out in...there is always one :)

There are also 10 word cards.  These can be put in your writing center and used in many different ways.  Students can pull out a word and create a sentence using that word, students can write or trace each word, OR throw in some letter beads and they can build the word!
There are 4 writing prompts included in 3 different levels!  There is a fill in the blank sheet, a tracing sheet, and a sheet with one question that would be fully written out on their own.

I have also included a journal cover with writing pages in two different levels.

I would LOVE to give a copy away!
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  5. I was just thinking of ways to switch things up in my prek writing center now that it is midyear and some kiddos are ready for more challenging activities. I would love to have this for my classroom!
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