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Cavity Activity

February is almost over, BUT I have a couple fun activities you can do this year or next year!
First, we took a paper towel with a tooth drawn on it.  Each kiddo got a maker and made a dot on their tooth.  This was their "cavity".  We discussed how we would get a cavity.

Then, each cavity got a drop of water on it.  We watched as the cavity spread.  It was a great example of how a cavity can get bigger if it is not taken care of.

Next, we took two apples and poked a hole in one of them.  We predicted what would happen to the two apples.  In a week we will cut them open to see what happened!

This book fit in PERFECTLY with our experiments!


  1. What a great way to help the children "see" what happens when they don't make good food choices. This was a really cute idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Granny Goes to School

  2. Great lesson. I can't see the image of the book you listed above for some reason. Can you send me the title? Thanks!