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Five for Friday

It has been a week since I blogged last!  Where has the time gone!?  I know...PD, PD, PD, work on my room every free second I get!
1.  I think that will be my number one for the week!  I had PD for STEP- a literacy assessment program similar to Fountas and Pinnell.  Then, another PD on ST Math- a computer based math program.  If you missed it I am teaching a 1st/2nd split, so some PD's were for 1st only or 2nd only and guess what...I had to go to both! AH!
2.  We do Responsive Classroom in our classroom and I am still trying to figure out how to do the correct components of R.C and do my calendar all in 30 minutes!  We have exactly 30 minutes before my prep for the day!  Talk about a rush!
3.  We had open house on Thursday and I met some of my cuties!  They all seemed so great and the parent's were so excited to be there!  About 5 minutes before they came I whipped up some signs to direct traffic through all the papers and forms they needed to sign.
4.  I know I haven't taken pics of my new classroom, but I will!  I also have a whole blog post on those cute pom poms/tissue flowers that are hanging above the tables!
5.  I'll end with a funny story-  Last week my mom came Friday to help me move all my teacher stuff to my classroom.  The hubby and I don't have an SUV so she came and helped us by bringing their's.  We spent the next day (Saturday) looking for caddies for my tables.  Target has them for like $3 but every Target has like 3 of each color.  I need 6!  What does one do when there is a Target in every city around you?  GO to every Target!  Yes, we went to like 5 Targets and bought anything we found and still only ended up with 5 at the most.  I decided to split 3 and 3 then use the color pom poms for tables.
The kicker...I went to the Target next to my house yesterday and they restocked the shelves...6 of each color...#teacherproblems


  1. Love your room! I need to come visit soon!

  2. Loving your new room! :) Good luck with your transition this year!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  3. Your room looks great. Can't wait to see your post about the pom-poms. Your Target story is funny! That same thing would totally happen to me!!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. It is coming one of these days! Haha! Something that happens too much to me haha!

  4. I drive around to every Target too! I loved the hashtag - made me LOL. :)