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Five for Friday...Sunday Edition!

I have been MIA and I am sorry!  Wednesday I flew out to DC for my brother in law's wedding!  What a quick but fun long weekend!

1.  Before I left we did these from Curls and a Smile.  The kiddos had a blast asking everyone to sign their books.

2..  Wedding time! The hubby was the best man.  The photographer kept calling us brother and sister...I may of used my teacher voice to let her know "WE ARE MARRIED!"

3..  We did a little site seeing.  We went to the Arlington Cemetery and the Air and Space Museum!
4. Help!  We took the Metro into the city and kept seeing these signs everywhere-what do they mean!?
5.  I already blogged about this, but it was super fun for my kids.  Beach ball game!  Whatever your hand is covering you have to think of a word that starts with that letter.


  1. We have signs around here that say "Kiss and Go." It's by all the schools, and is a message to parents saying "Quickly kiss your kid good-bye and keep the line moving!" Not sure if these are the same thing, but maybe?

    Carolina Teacher

  2. Sounds wonderful to get away! I'm cleaning out classroom files. Need a vacation!