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Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

 I have a few rainbow activities for your preschooler! The best part!? They are all FREE! Each activity can be done in a couple different ways. I'll show you how we used each one below!

Rainbow Ten Frames

The first activity I put into a rainbow sensory bin.  The bin was filled with dyed chickpeas.  This is an easy one to make and can be used over and over again. I explain how to dye chickpeas in this post. 

I placed the ten frame cards into our sensory bin. You can just put the cards in any bin and they can just pick a card, too.  They would count the ten frame and then color the number that matched.

Rainbow Number Match

The rainbow number freebie includes the ten frame cards + number cards.  You can use the two cards to play a matching game or separate and add the recording sheet.  For this activity, I made an EASY sensory bin. I used white beans and some cute rainbow mini erasers to go with our rainbow theme.

They would pick a card, identify it, and then color the matching number.  This is a simple one but gets them exposed to seeing numbers and looking at the way the lines and circles make each number.
*Search "rainbownumbers" in the free library for this one!

Rainbow Letter Worksheets + Rainbow Colors

This last one has 3 worksheets.  One of them is like the one above. Your preschooler can color the rainbow.  The second one has the letter missing, so it reads "____ is for rainbow." which they will fill in the blank.  The third worksheet has rainbows all over it with color words on each one.  Your preschooler will read the color word and color in the rainbow to match.
*Search "risforrainbow" in the free library for this one!

If you're looking for more rainbow activities check out these rainbow activities for toddlers!

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