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6 Pet Themed Activities for Preschoolers

I am so excited to share 6 pet theme activities for you to do with your preschooler!  The best part!?  One is a FREEBIE for YOU!  Scroll down to find it!

 Paw Print Match: The last one I have for you is this paw print match.  We used Do A Dot Markers to color in each dog.  I tried to encourage my kiddos to choose one color so we could use the matching paw print counters to count out.

Rainbow Paw Prints: We took this one outside!  I drew colored paw prints on our driveway.  Then, I would say a color for my kiddos to jump to.  We started by jumping to one close and then gradually I picked colors that were further away for a little extra effort!

Animal Sticker Match: I drew animal homes and we used our pet stickers to match each scene.  I got these stickers from Oriental Trading.  First we identified the pet that would match, then we identified how many we need, and finally we counted out each pet.

Pet Syllable Sort: I hung up the number mats and cards to switch it up from putting them in a sensory bin.  This way we got a little more movement in.  We would pick a card, count out the syllables, and sort.

Dog Bone Counting:  This one was so fun!  We counted the dog bones in each treat jar, then matched the number.

Pet Object Match: Freebie Alert!  This one we picked a pet card and matched it to an object that matched that pet (food, home, etc).  This one also has a cut and glue worksheet to do after you finish.  We colored each object, cut, and glued the matches.

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  1. I like the jumping in the rainbow paw prints. Interesting, since I never realized I'm such a kinesthetic learner.