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Worm Hunt Freebie

 We're going on a...worm hunt! These spring days call for more rain than we are used to, but our favorite thing to do after it rains is to find worms! I have three activities that come with this freebie! 

Worm Color Match

This one can be done inside while it is raining! Work on color matching and tracing color words.  I put the small rainbow worm cards in a sensory bin, then they match the colored worm cards to the mat.  Once they are done they can trace each color word!

Worm Hunt

Now it is time to go outside and look for those worms!  Each worm that they find they can color on their recording sheet.  When you are all done you can count how many you found.  You could color code it, too! Color one color for BIG worms and a different color for small worms!

Counting Worms

The last activity is counting worms and matching them to the correct number!  I focused on numbers 10-20! Head to my Free Library to grab this freebie! Search "wormhunt"

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