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20 Halloween Activities for Kids

I wanted to get a big blog post together of all the Halloween activities we have done so far!  These 20 activities will be perfect activities if you are looking for a few last minute activities to do with your kiddos this Halloween!

Spider color match FREEBIE!  You can read all about this one HERE!
Gross motor activity for all ages!  I put pumpkins on the wall and we took turns trying to hit the pumpkins by throwing our balloons.
I have two versions of this activity.  Scroll to see the other one.  I wrote out the letters in their names and then put those letters on stickers.  They matched the letters to their pumpkin.
Number dot match.  I made dots to match each number then, they matched with pumpkin table scatter.
I drew lines on our paper and then we used pumpkin erasers to measure each lin.  Then, we counted and wrote the number.
We LOVE dot pages! For this one, we used Styrofoam pumpkin décor and stamped it in our paint to dot on our page.
Pumpkin number ten frames!  I paired these mats with pumpkin seeds.  We filled in in each ten frame to match the number.  Grab these HERE!
Our water bead sensory bin was a huge hit this past week.  I made double the beads then added in some plastic pumpkin buckets and a pumpkin ice cube tray.
Magical pumpkins! We did this activity focusing on two different skills: name and shapes! I wrote these things in white crayon and then my kiddos used watercolor paints to make the magic happen!
Butcher paper spider web match.  I drew colored spider webs on our butcher paper and my toddlers used Do-A-Dot Markers to match!
Roll a spider!  I drew webs and spider bodies. Then, my son rolled a dice and drew the legs to match.
P is for Pumpkin!  Here, he found all the P's and put an 'x' on it.  Then, we went back through and identified the other letters.
We paired the above activity with this one.  We use a paintbrush and paint to paint on the glue, then stuck on some pumpkin seeds!
Pumpkin painting! We love to use our Kwik Stix to paint!  They look like a glue stick but it is actually bright paint!
This was a fun one!  We used those light up wands from Target to tap the shapes that I called out.
Here is the other version of the letter pumpkin above.  I created addition problems and we used number stickers to cover the answer.
Trick or treat addition!  We picked a candy bucket and solved the addition problem.  Grab this one HERE!
Here is another one from the Halloween pack above!  Match the pumpkins!  I hung up the cards all around the wall and then my toddlers would find one and match it.
Spaghetti noodles sensory bin!  I shared this on on my Instagram!  This was easy to make and makes for a fun sensory experience. 

To Make:

Cook noodles then place them in a bowl with cold water, vinegar (2-3 tbsp.), and food coloring (10-15 drops)!⁣

Add them to a baggie with 1-2 tbsp. of oil and shake them up! This helps so they don’t stick!⁣

Place them in your bin and have some fun! We added eyeballs and tongs to work on our fine motor! I found these at Dollar Tree

The final one I have for you is this ghost toss!  I drew ghosts on this butcher paper.  We took candy corn bean bags and tossed them onto the ghost.  Each ghost had a number so we practiced number recognition and adding!

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