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Toddler Tuesday {Preschool Activities} Week 4

This week I wanted to share a fun activity that focuses on gross motor!  We played a fun letter toss game with a candy corn theme!!
I put these large candy corn letters around the room.

We stood in a circle around the letters.  Each kiddo gets a chance to throw a bean bag on a letter.  They will say the letter that the bean bag lands on!  If it does not land on a letter, have them say the letter that is closest to their bean bag.

There are so many ways you can play this game.  You could have your kiddos say the sound or something that starts with that letter too!
You can leave the letters on the floor after a kiddo says it OR you can have that kiddo keep the letter they got.

I have added a recording sheet as well!  If playing in a large or small group, after a letter is called out everyone can trace/color that letter.  There are two recording sheets so you can decide if you want them to just color the letter or if you want them to trace it.

Grab it HERE!

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