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Oriental Trading- Valentine's Day

Oriental Trading has sent me some more goodies to make your Valentine's Day party even better!
Make sure to check out all the Valentine's goodies they have to offer by clicking HERE!
Now, check out some of the things they have sent me.  A big part of our V-Day activities is our card exchange.  Which means we need to make some cute Valentine bags.
I got these great white craft bags.  They are the perfect size for all those cards.

I am going to use these heart shaped doilies to write each kiddos' name on then we are going to decorate using some other great crafting materials!

I got some self-adhesive foam pieces to decorate the bags.

I also got some Valentine stampers too!  There are about 50 in a pack, so I plan on letting my kiddos take one home after we finish decorating!

Oriental Trading has a lot of cute V-Day cards too!  I grabbed these cute superhero cards that come with a bracelet!

A fun V-Day craft idea is to take these cute heart shaped pony beads and stringing them on a pipe cleaner to make a bracelet.  Challenge your kiddos to make a pattern out of it.

The day after Valentine's Day is our 100th Day!  Yes, this will be a crazy but fun week!

Oriental Trading has some fun 100th Day supplies!  I found these great certificates and pencils to hand out on our 100th Day!

I hope you found some goodies to use in your classroom this Valentine's Day! :)
Before you go-if you're looking for a some good deals-check out the COUPON page on Oriental Trading! 

* Note: I was given these items from Oriental Trading in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.

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