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Back to School Freebies

I had all intentions of writing the last couple weeks, but nap time only lasts so long ;)
It is back to school and I want to make it easier for you with some easy prep freebies for the beginning of the year.  I like to use easy simple activities the first few weeks to help get everyone in a routine (aka- "Now it is our math time-let's trace our numbers!")
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Arrival time-kids coming in, attendance, talking to parents, etc.  It can be a crazy time of the day.  This freebie includes EASY worksheets that your kiddos can come in and complete after they do their morning routine!
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Here is a number activity that you can use during morning meeting or during math.  This includes number cards 1-20 and two different recording sheets.  One sheet your kiddos just trace and the other sheet the students write in the number.

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At the end of the day, these sheets will come in handy.  Your kiddos will trace and draw how they are getting home from school.  For bus riders, have them write their bus number on their bus too.  Even if they don't remember at dismissal, it will help reinforce where they go.  The goal is they would remember making dismissal easier!

Hopefully you can use these in your classroom this upcoming year!


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