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Introducing the NEW Popular Purple Sharpener

I'm so excited to show you all the newest color that Classroom Friendly Supplies has out for their Quiet Pencil Sharpener!

It's called "Popular Purple"!

If you aren't familiar with this sharpener, let me tell you about it.

One being that it is quiet.  I use it in my classroom and I don't have any kiddos coming up to me with their pencil when they hear me sharpening!
I bought these cheap dollar pencils from Target.  You know the ones that don't sharpen the right way, but you buy them anyway!

I used this amazing pencil sharpener and they all came out PERFECTLY sharpened!

To use, you need to pull out the front plate, squeeze the black pieces on the top, insert the pencil, and start sharpening!

Your pencils will come out sharp and not only on one side.

If you are interested, check out Classroom Friendly Supplies HERE!

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