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Just Add A Highlighter - FREEBIE

We used one of the pages from my Dotter Fun pack this past week.  Instead of making my kiddos wait their turn and use the dotters I had, I pulled out our highlighters!  Everything is more fun with a highlighter or any type of marker!  No dotters-no problem :)
We are practicing our beginning sounds!
We also are having a blast and learning a lot with our half sheets!

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Dotter beginning sounds!  No dotters- use those markers :)

Sight word review!
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  1. My kiddos are always begging to use highlighters. It is so funny the little things that get them excited and motivated to get their work done. Great pages thanks so much for sharing

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I love when the small things make them so excited! You're welcome! :)