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Run, Turkey, Run

I have been so MIA on here lately!  I have been posting on Insta, but not on here.  That is changing now! :)
Our principal emailed us in the morning telling us to have fun these two days and I changed up my plans a little- You have to listen to the principal ;)
Today, we did everything we could turkey or as some of my kiddos called it chicken.
We read this book:

So adorable!
After we read this book, we created our own turkeys using paper plates and colored tissue paper!
Save yourself some time and use the die cutter!  These will be the heads.

I cut a paper plate in half and my kiddos glued colored tissue paper onto the plate.  The feathers :)  To make it a little more educational, I had my kiddos count out 20 pieces of tissue paper to glue to their plate.

Once they were done gluing the colored tissue paper, they glued the head right on top.

They turned out so cute, but we are NOT done!
I also threw in some writing and had my kiddos write about where their turkey would hide so they wouldn't be eaten!
The prompt is traceable and then my kinders wrote in where the turkey would hide!  

We had a lot of them hide at the zoo.  I thought this picture was just so cute! :)

Enjoy your short week and if you are off...I'm jealous, but ENJOY!

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