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Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This week we are doing Brown Bear!  I wanted to share some of my Daily 5 centers that we are doing this week (and probably next because I forget to switch them out...)!
Find it here!
All of these centers are working with the color words!  I planned on putting these color word mats in one of the centers and then realized we don't know how to spell those color words just yet.  So I threw in the color word circles which I thought might be tricky but my kiddos rocked it!

Find it here!
I made sure to use the colored letters, so it would be a little easier to build their words.
Find it here!
These word cards can be used for ordering the events in the book, but I added some magnetic letters and now we build each one!
Find it here!
Same cards, but these are tracers!  I made enough sets and put it in my Writing center!  
All of these centers can be found in my Brown Bear Activity Pack!

I want to give one of these packs away!
To win:
1. Pin any of the pictures in the post.
2.  Comment with your pin and your email! :)
3.  I'll pick a winner tomorrow night! 
Congrats to Diane, Kelly, Lorena, and Lori! :)