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Let's Talk About Me!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for their Teacher Week '13!  Today is:
1.  The hubby and I went to high school together and never talked until after we graduated!  We went our separate ways for school and randomly reconnected right after graduated college!  What is with graduating!?  
We just celebrated our one year anniversary!
Wedding Day! 8/4/12 <3
2.  We just celebrated our one year anniversary in Puerto Vallarata!  
3.  We live in MN but both grew up in WI!  And we LOVE the Packers!
4.  I did gymnastics for most of my childhood until I graduated high school!

5. My favorite movie is Legally Blonde!  But the only movies I really watch now are lifetime movies.  The last time I saw a movie in the theater was The Lorax with my kinders 2 years ago!

6.  I LOVE kindergarten and have taught it for 3 years! 
7.  I don't know where I am teaching next year!  Did your mouth just drop open?  Yep!  Still waiting to see where I will be...  However, my teaching partner Irene is in the same boat-we don't like it!  Haha!
8.  I love reality TV!  I am obsessed with Big Brother right now! 
9.  My favorite things are: summer, pink, pizza, tacos, the beach, diet coke
10.  My not so favorite things: snow in April, ranch dressing, mayo, mice

Now it is your turn!


  1. LOL, I love your ten things! Super fun! Hope you find out soon what you will be teaching, that would make me totally crazy!

    Kindergarten A to Z

    1. I am totally going crazy! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I loved your not so favorite things because they were so random yet so NOT FAVORITES! Perfect choices! Congrats on your anniversary! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  3. OH my gosh I can't imagine not knowing what I'd be teaching! Are you at the same school next year or do you not know that either? I was just moved this year to a new school and I am so overwhelmed! I hope you hear soon :)

    Primary Buzz

    1. It is so hard! I don't know what grade or school! Ah!

  4. I love your post! I would be freaking out if I didn't know what I will be teaching. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

  5. Ha! You and your diet coke! I LOVED learning more about you, honeybuns! I can't believe The Lorax was the last movie you saw in a theater. Crazy! xoxo

    1. I know it is a problem! I am not a movie theater person I guess! :)

  6. Hope you have a placement soon, and it is a smooth transition!

    Go Pack Go! :)
    The Cozy Classroom