A Day Off

 I hope everyone had a great day off!  I did!  I was pretty productive in between my reality tv watching!  I spent some of my day doing this...

Lots and lots of laminating was done!  I love my laminator but it is slow, so it was nice to have time to get stuff laminated!  Unfortunately, I forgot my sight word love monster cards at school, so I will be busy another day! These cards can be found in my Love Monster Pack!  I also finished my Money Mania pack!

Alright, I better do something productive around the house before the hubby gets home!  What did you accomplish today!?


  1. Those monsters and cupcakes are adorable! Is this in a Valentine's unit that you have for purchase?

    What did I do today on my day off? HMMMM-I lesson planned for our short 3 day week (Friday is report card day so now kiddos,) did some laminating as well, grocery shopped, and finished up the laundry. Well washed and dried the clothes, they are still in the baskets waiting to be put away. That is my least favorite part. :)


    1. Yes they are!! I added a link to post after I read your comment! Wow! 3 days! Lucky! I definitely put away a ton of dried laundry today that was from who knows when-my least favorite part too! Sounds like you had a productive day too! :)

  2. I worked today! :) But I did get my basic skills assessment pack done, FINALLY! I need to get a laminator, this contact shelf paper thing is driving me nuts! Glad you had a good day off,

    Fun in PreK-1

  3. You are so productive! I went to see a movie and cooked all day! Wish our weekend didn't fly by so fast!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. We are laminator twins...I have the same one. Have you seen the little personal laminators that use a roll of thermal lamintor stuff and not individual sheets..I want one!

    Hope you're not judging me for being a major laminating nerd:).

    Kindergarten Kel

    1. I am totally OBSESSED too! I need the new laminator you're talking about!! Sounds better than what I have! :)