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Easy Christmas Activities

I have compiled a list of easy Christmas activities you can do in your classroom this last week before winter break!

1. Sticker Christmas Tree
This one is pretty simple!  Draw or print out a Christmas tree.  Draw lines for the lights on it.  Then, have your kiddos use small stickers on the lines.

2. Christmas Tree Fingerprint Tree
This one is fun!  Cut out a Christmas tree and put the tree on another white piece of paper.  Make fingerprints around the tree covering the whole paper.  Take the tree off and you have a cute outlined tree with fingerprints surrounding it!

3.  Christmas Tree Shapes
I remember doing something like this when I was student teaching.  Students decorate a Christmas shape using 2D shapes!

4.  Graphing Bows
Just like it says!  Graph Christmas bows.  I would add movement by hiding the bows around the room.  Then, once all of them are found-graph them!

5.  Christmas Tic Tac Toe
Play tic tac toe using ornaments!  They use a tray, but you could just draw the game board on a piece of paper or white board!

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