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Five for Friday...Saturday Edition

We are officially on Spring Break!!  I am looking forward to a much needed break!  I am actually teaching next week!  Our school is offering spring break school (like summer school)!  Luckily it will only be half days and Friday we go on a field trip!  My thought was that I am not going anywhere so I might as well do it! :)
Check out our week!
1.  The boys in my class are OBSESSED with basketball, so I have been turning any activity I can into a basketball theme!  Here each kiddo picked a word card and counted the syllables and "dunked" them into the correct bag.
 If you are interested in this activity, click here!
2.   Another fun activity came from my Math Madness pack!  I hid the basketballs around the room and my kiddos got their basketball hoop and had to find the matching ball!
3.  I found this fun graphing freebie on TpT!  Click here to grab it! :)

4.   I blogged about my Word Work: CVC pack here, but I wanted to show you what my cuties did with this center this week.  The turned the game into a "Go Fish" game and made built their puzzles that way.  Of course some of my others, decided they were Pokemon cards and were "battling" each other too...haha
5.  Along with TONS of word work centers, this pack includes some great printables too!  This week I used a few of these sheets for morning work.


  1. Busy week! Enjoy your Spring Break!!!! Even if you are working! :) LOL

    We still have three more weeks until our break!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. I LOVE IT when I can see (visual learner LOL) the centers in action. Thank you for posting pics to go with the product! I can't wait to show it off to my boys! I can hear the shots/shoots now!