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Fine Motor: American Flag

I'm sharing our patriotic themed activity this week!  If you've followed along on Instagram, I have teamed up with some other moms to bring you weekly themes and daily activities to use at home with your little ones!

Today I am sharing our fine motor activity!  I loved this one because we were able to do a lot more than just fine motor practice!

I had the kiddos rip up strips of red and blue paper.  I added another task for them and had them sort the paper by color.  The baskets were colored, so they could also just color match.

I made an outline of the flag for my son.  I showed him which colors would go where.

We talked about how the red would be glued on every other and that we were making a pattern with those colors.

The girls practiced using their glue sticks and glued the paper where every they wanted :)

At the end we added a little glitter to the blue to represent the stars!

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