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First Day of School and a FREEBIE!

It has been awhile, but this week was our district's first week of school and today was the first day for kindergarten!  This post is going to be so random, but we need to play catch up!
Last weekend I found the PERFECT rug for my classroom!  You might of seen this on my Instagram!  I got this from Sam's Club for $20!  It fits perfectly in my classroom and I will be using it for my listening center!

Call me crazy, but I threw away my behavior chart last week while I was setting up my room.  I read so many great articles about why teachers don't use them!  I took a Responsive Classroom training this summer and really LOVED it and want to implement some of those strategies in my classroom.

Now we are back to today!  We colored, we cut, and we explored pattern blocks.  My kiddos loved making creations.  This is the perfect addition if you ever have extra time...if that ever happens ;)

And after a successful day in kindergarten,  Chipotle was a nice treat for dinner :)

I didn't get pictures of us doing this, but we did the "Welcome to Kindergarten" as morning work and the first day of school template we wrote our name and drew a picture of something we did on the first day.  Click here or on the pictures to grab a copy for yourself!

Are you in school!?  How was your first day?